Week 1

What I never learned in History Class

What is my current understanding of the indigenous people of North America? Currently I honestly don’t have any knowledge on the topic. They don’t really teach you much about the Native Americans in history class, do they? Even if they did I most likely wouldn’t remember anyways, I’m terrible with history. Any ones history. But let me tell you the little amount that I do know, or made up in my own mind I’m not actually sure!

The united states. They had Native Americans that lived here before the people from England came over(pretty sure it’s like the whole plot of Pocahontas). The people from England messed some stuff up and were probably rude about moving here and then some stuff happened that some how led up to the dinner between the pilgrims and Indians which we now celebrate as thanksgiving.

Canada. Do they have Natives? I have no idea who inhabited Canada first and honestly I’ve never thought about it before. Canada basically hates the United states so I don’t think is was us that went there first so that one is a mystery to me.

Mexico. Aztecs? Incas? Mayans? I’m really not sure on that one either since history classes usually don’t teach us about anybody’s history but ours. But! I am sure it’s one of those.

So as you can see I hardly know about the native people of any region let alone my own. And even if I did get a couple guesses right, I only know of how they started/who they were but I know nothing of the current issues or if there even are current issues. This is all without research of course so if you laugh it’s okay! There are lots of things I was never taught and this topic is definitely one.


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