Week 3

Good Native Intentions

So, after conducting some research to further my knowledge of the natives I have come back with some interesting information and stories.

The first article I read was called “Suicide prevention gathering promotes healing among native youth and communities” and took place in Mesa, Arizona. The article was about a group of southwest native Americans gathering together for what they call a “Unity Fire” and it took place on world suicide prevention day. More than 40 Natives gathered and participant tribes included Yavapai-Apache nation, Salt river Pima-Maricopa Indian community, Navajo Nation and San Carlos Apache Tribe. The concept of this fire was introduced in 1995 and since then has helped many people who are struggling with stress, negativity, sadness and some who just needed to speak out and be heard. It’s a safe place for teens and people to talk and heal. Here is a quote from the article that i enjoyed:

“The fire has been and always will be there whether you are experiencing pain in your life, or when it’s the happiest day of your life. The fire will take  all of it and always will it only give out blessings”

And here is the link to this article so you can enjoy it as much as I did:


The second article I read was “Klamath Dam surrender application filed with federal agency” and is based in Washington. It talks about the plan to remove the Klamath Dam to help revive the fish population, stop spread of disease and fix water quality. They Klamath tribes (Northwest coast) will be provided with salmon once again.They won’t only remove the dams but balance the water between the Klamath river, Upper Klamath lake, wildlife refugees and the Klamath irrigation Project.Though this one was shorter it showed a lot of hope and that they are for their people and what they consume.

Here’s the link:


My third and final article was “Tribes make history with signing of grizzly treaty in Alberta and greater Yellowstone Sept. 30-Oct.2” and is about the third cross-border First Nations/Native American treaty would be signed. Many of these tribes in the plains regard the grizzly bear as sacred and they stand in the opposition to the ESA delisting and trophy hunting the bear.Leaders from the Blackfoot Confederacy gathered to sign the treaty. They want to make sure that their land is protected and the bears. Quite interesting.

Here’s the link! :


The thing that surprised me as I conducted this research is that I’ve never heard of any of these wonderful things on the news. They are doing so many greater things and trying to preserve land and care for their people which is more than I’ve ever heard of anyone doing near me. I was surprised and how positive all of the articles were because all of the news we hear about on the TV for us is negative and sad and all the articles I read on these Native peoples were positive and working towards something. I am happy for what they are doing and accomplishing.


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