Week 7

Straight from the bloggers keyboard

Mi’kmaq indigenous campaign prevents hydraulic fracturing in Elsipogtog, New Brunswick, 2013

Dahm, Hayden. (2014, June 5). Mi’kmaq indigenous campaign prevents hydraulic fracturing in Elsipogtog, New Brunswick, 2013 [Weblog post] Retrieved from http://nvdatabase.swarthmore.edu/content/mi-kmaq-indigenous-campaign-prevents-hydraulic-fracturing-elsipogtog-new-brunswick-2013

This article is about Mi’kmaq protesters that are trying to prevention new exploration of oil and extraction of natural gas on their traditional territory.

The intended audience are the people that are unknowing of the situation. It’s purpose is to provide the facts and explain what is happening and it did just that for readers. Blogger Hayden does not talk about him self in the post or his own blog but he states his sources, dates, facts and things that would help his case. That tells me that the blogger cares for this and is a person who wishes to share his knowledge. The blogger lists 3 sources and provides links, there is not a section for comments. I believe that this post is apart of a larger community. The blog seems to be active and his language is intelligent; educated person. He speaks with ease and not so much authority as seriousness and he tells a lot so he went into depth. The blog post was one year after the incident. It doesn’t seem to bias but he states his case and is definitely on the side of the Mi’kmaq. It’s a unique perspective but I don’t think it would be helpful to me since his blog posts are harder to trace, i was only really able to find the one.

Treaty Truck House Against Alton Gas, Mi’kmaki

Sojourn, Sokoki. (2016, October 6). Treaty Truck House Against Alton Gas, Mi’kmaki [Weblog Post] Retrieved from https://wordpress.com/read/blogs/85682148/posts/659

This blog post is shorter but is about Alton Natural Gas Storage Limited using water from the Shubenacadie River to flush out underground salt deposits. This is a concern of the tribe because the river is home to many endangered and at risk species.

The blog is a short tidbit probably just focused to whoever runs across it and is meant to give basic information about a situation that is happening and is not known. This blogger makes a lot of educated/knowledgeable posts about natives and different important pieces that i think he is hoping people will run across and has many different pages of these posts. The blogger includes one link to give the reader more information if wanted. The post has one comment and one like on it and the comment is just another link. This post is more informative that authoritative and it isn’t really in depth since it’s so short. The language, grammar, spelling and such are good and well spoken. This blog is alive. I believe the post happened at the same time of the story and may still be going on. It is not very bias but I believe he is on the natives side considering his other posts. I believe his opinion would be sort of valuable but on a longer post of his instead of this shorter one that I found.







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