Week 9

My Expansion

Before conducting my research on the Mi’kmaq tribe I did not know anything about them. Honestly I didn’t even know they existed which is why I chose them for my research.

In review of my findings I haven’t seen that any article that I used had used any specific “term” for my group and referred to them respectfully such as “natives” or “indigenous peoples”. Many of my articles and videos and media stories were on the side of the Mi’kmaq and whichever concern they were talking about. Never did I find a negative story (except maybe the obesity one) and they were all very neutral and nonjudgemental. The writers all seem to care about why the Mi’kmaqs were doing such things and I learned about the Mi’kmaqs way of thinking as well. They often cared about their land, water ways and their families.

My research was ethnographic because it taught me about a type of people, how they are represented and how the show them selves. This research deepened my knowledge of a whole tribe of people and showed me not only do they exist but that they want to be heard and they are doing wonderful things to preserve not only their land but our earth. Language matters because even the tone in an article can change how you view it and the people. The terms that you use for people are important because they don’t go unheard and these people, like everyone else deserve respect and equality. Language is important because they sometimes lose their language just to conform to ours. So to actually hear their concerns we must listen and use our best language to feel for them instead of blocking them out.


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